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You need answers to your blockchain technology questions

There is not a day that goes by where you do not hear the terms blockchain,distributed ledger, ICO or smart contract. You are swamped with advertisements, misinformation, and promises. You have little or no "real world implementation experience" and are trying to sort out fact from fiction. In the end you are really looking for answers to some basic questions:

What is blockchain ?

How does blockchain work ?

Does a private blockchain or public blockchain make sense for my company and our business partners ?

What is a blockchain application and how is it different for a normal "app" ?

What tools do I need to create a blockchain and what does it cost ?

Can i host my blockchain application (Dapp) on Azure, AWS or Google Cloud ?

What is ethereum mining ?

What is an ICO, a blockchain wallet, a wallet address ?

Why choose us as your Ethereum or Hyperledger partner?

bCloudPartners is an independent and unbiased blockchain as a service cloud and blockchain consulting company for both private blockchain and public blockchain implementations.

We receive no revenue or incentives by recommending a specific cloud or blockchain platform.

We do not sell hosting services, and we sell no shrink wrapped product.

We are a team of professionals who have extensive cloud and blockchain consulting experience, and knows what works and what doesn't.

We can help with your cloud and blockchain decision making, and can also provide support and development staff to help with your implementation.

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Our Blockchain and Cloud Consulting Services

Review your current and long term business needs and advise IF a blockchain solution makes sense for you and your organization.

Help you assess costs, savings, and deployment time-line for your blockchain project.

Help you create a comprehensive blockchain implementation plan, or help with a proof of concept.

Provide technical staff to facilitate application development, re-architecture, or conversion.

Provide technical staff for ongoing support and maintenance.

Meet Our Team of Blockchain and Cloud Technology Experts

bCloudPartners is a group of technology specialists with a passion for developing blockchain applications(using smart contracts or chaincode) and leveraging the functionality provided by the cloud. Using Ethereum, or Hyperledger on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or the Google Cloud Platform, we provide not only advice to companies considering using blockchain or the cloud, but also provide DevOps and programming services for re-platforming. mobile, desktop, micro services, container orchestration, CI/CD are all within our area of specialty.

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Glenn - CTO and Founder
Experienced software architect (Java/.Net) and delivery manager with over 25 years successfully leading both internal and offshore teams for global companies. Extensive ISO 9001, Agile Scrum and 6 Sigma experience. Amazon , Microsoft and Google Cloud expert as well as a certified Ethereum , and Hyperledger developer.

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Robert - Senior Software Architect
Experienced AWS, Google Cloud and Azure software architect who has helped many organizations move their applications into the cloud. Cloud formation scripts, installation and monitoring are all in his area of specialty.

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Daniel - Business Analyst

A seasoned veteran who has helped numerous customers redefine their current business processes in preparation for a cloud migration or a business to business integration scenario. Daniel can help you identify and document your business use cases, functional and non-functional requirements.