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Hyperledger Cello

What is Hyperledger Cello?

Hyperledger Cello aims to bring the on-demand “as-a-service” deployment model to the blockchain ecosystem to reduce the effort required for creating, managing and terminating blockchains. It provides a multi-tenant chain service efficiently and automatically on top of various infrastructures, e.g., baremetal, virtual machine, and more container platforms.

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Hyperledger Cello was initially contributed by IBM, with sponsors from Soramitsu, Huawei and Intel

What are the main features of Hyperledger Cello?

The components of Hyperledger Cello

  • Manage the lifecycle of blockchains, e.g., create/start/stop/delete/keep health automatically.
  • Support customized (e.g., size, consensus) blockchains request, in Hyperledger fabric.
  • Support multiple underly infrastructure including bare-metal, virtual machine, native Docker host, swarm or Kubernetes. More supports on the way.
  • Support heterogeneous architecture, e.g., X86, POWER and Z, from bare-metal servers to virtual machines.
  • Extendable with monitoring, logging, health and analytics capability by integrating with existing tools like ELK.xtend with monitor, log, health and analytics features by employing additional components.
  • Application developers can build up a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform quickly from scratch.
  • Application developers can provision customizable Blockchains instantly, e.g., a Hyperledger fabric network v1.0.x.
  • Application developers can maintain a pool of running blockchain networks on top of bare-metals, virtual clouds (e.g., virtual machines, vsphere Clouds), container clusters (e.g., Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes).
  • Application developers can check the system status, adjust the chain numbers, scale resources... through dashboards

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