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Hyperledger Iroha

What is the Hyperledger Iroha Framework?

Hyperledger Iroha is designed to be a simple and easy to incorporate into existing infrastructural projects requiring distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Iroha features a simple construction;modern, domain-driven C++ design, emphasis on mobile application development and a new, chain-based Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm, called Sumeragi. Focused primarily on mobile, Iroha fills a very small niche within the hyperledger ecosystem.

The development team of Iroha defines their goals as:
Simple deployment and maintenance
Variety of libraries for developers
Role-based access control
Modular design, driven by command–query separation principle
Assets and identity management

Learn more about the Hyperledger Iroha Framework here

Soramitsu, Hitachi, NTT Data and Colu contributed Iroha to the hyperledger project.

What makes the Hyperledger Iroha Framework different?

  • Supports a consensus algorithm know as "YAC". YAC is high-performance and allows for finality of transactions with low latency
  • Iroha allows for the easy creation of custom complex assets, such as currencies or indivisible rights, serial numbers, patents, etc.
  • Iroha is the only ledger that has a robust permission system, allowing permissions to be set for all commands, queries, and joining of the network.
  • Iroha’s built-in commands are a major benefit compared to other platforms, since it is very simple to do common tasks such as create digital assets, register accounts, and transfer assets between accounts. Moreover, it narrows the attack vector, improving overall security of the system, as there are less things to fail.
  • SDK's are available for Java, Python, and Javascript.
  • Builds are also available for Android, and iOS.