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Hyperledger Sawtooth

What is the Hyperledger Sawtooth Framework?

Sawtooth simplifies blockchain application development by separating the core system from the application domain. Application developers can specify the business rules appropriate for their application, using the language of their choice, without needing to know the underlying design of the core system. Sawtooth is also highly modular. This modularity enables enterprises and consortia to make policy decisions that they are best equipped to make. Sawtooth’s core design allows applications to choose the transaction rules, permissioning, and consensus algorithms that support their unique business needs.

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Intel contributed Sawtooth to the hyperledger project.

What makes Hyperledger Sawtooth different?

  • Supports a Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) consensus algorithms "out of the box", but also allows users to create their own consensus algorithms. Users can even mix consensus algorithms within the same blockchain.
  • Support for permissioned and permissionless implementations.
  • Support for event creation and broadcasting.
  • Ethereum contract compatibility using Seth, which means that previously written ethereum contracts can be deployed and used.
  • Ability to process transactions in parallel thus increasing transaction speeds.
  • Support for additional language binding (ie go ruby python )
  • A generic REST API server is included.

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